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    1. Primary Purpose of Rental – All items requested can soley be designated to press and creative use.
    Please be aware that any commercial usage including any form of direct advertising or marketing projects, is not permitted
    As the borrower, we kindly ask that you use all items provided soley for the purpose initially agreed upon.
    2. Item Delivery – As the borrower, we kindly request that you cover all shipping costs. This can be done either by organizing it yourself or through a courier service. We will specify the courier, based on our extensive experience. Please ensure that you provide a parcel-tracking service, and be certain to handle any necessary tax documents or related requirements if requesting from outside the European Union.
    As mentioned above please always feel free to ask us for support If you need help in the process.
    3. Publicity, Credits and Acknowledgement – As the borrower, we ask that you credit ‘Julia Bajanova’ in any image releases, whether they’re shared on the internet or in print. This applies to all platforms, including social media, websites, and any other media, globally and indefinitely.
    Additionally, we ask that you inform us about any new image releases. Please share links to any online publications or print materials within 14 days of publication. Plese send this information to the following email:
    4. Handling – All pieces provided are handcrafted and unique. As the borrower, it’s your responsibility to maintain their condition. Please make sure to inspect all items upon receipt and report any damages or losses immediately. For any alterations to the items, prior approval is strictly necessary. Keep in mind that excessive wear or damage could result in additional charges.

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